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Everyone has experienced that dreadful customer service response. This is one of the leading causes of people refusing to bring their business back to a company. When people order a product, they expect it to arrive and function properly. They expect it to be the product that they ordered. If it isn’t, they expect customer service to solve the problem. This may sound simple but that isn’t always the case.

What Do Customers Want From Customer Service?

The majority of the time, customers begin with a phone call. The number-one frustration for customers is when a representative doesn’t treat them with respect. It is also important to have live (not automated) customer service representatives who answer the call and assure the customer that they will find a solution.

In addition, people want assurance that the problem will be fixed, whether that means shipping a new product or repairing a broken product. Empathy is a key ingredient to customer satisfaction. They want to feel as though the company understands and acknowledges the inconvenience. Less important but still on the list are appreciation, an apology, and giving the money back.

What Do Customers Do If You Don’t Solve the Problem?

In today’s world, customers are finding that the best way to get a quick response is to take their issue to social media. When they are unsatisfied with the results or left on hold for too long, many customers will send out a tweet or post on Facebook or Instagram. This strategy is proving to be effective because it is a way to get the company’s attention.

Once a customer makes a complaint about a company on social media, it is out there for everyone to see. Social media today has allowed almost anyone to be an expert and if a customer casts a business in a negative light, people will respond. Businesses are well aware of this and they are very responsive to social media complaints.

The biggest thing to learn from other companies’ mistakes is that a business needs to address customer dissatisfaction swiftly and in a solution-oriented way.