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Few things are more important to your business than having an effective online presence. In 2019, it is practically inconceivable to imagine having a major business presence without being established online. Our globalized economy is built, among other things, on constant online engagement.

Email marketing, in turn, is the foundation upon which so much of the rest of online engagement is built. Since its inception more than a quarter century ago, email has helped bring the world together and made communication more efficient and instantaneous than ever before. Even in an age of apps and social media, an effective email marketing campaign remains key to establishing a consistent online presence and these tips can help you do just that.

Crafting the Subject Line

If there is one thing that can get an email to be marked as spam, deleted, and discarded forever, it’s an unprofessional subject line. No one likes being shouted at and subject lines that feature wild claims in all capitals surrounded with asterisks convey just that “loudness” in digital form. Tact and decorum matters when addressing members of a mailing list and these kinds of subject lines demonstrate a complete lack thereof.

Positive alternatives for grabbing clients’ attention with effective subject lines include:

  • “Announcement” words (i.e., “New,” “Introducing”)
  • Engaging questions
  • Lists and data written in accessible numerical form
  • A How-to guide

Customize Lists

While blasting out emails en masse seems tempting and if you throw enough mud at the wall some of it will stick, email marketing messages such as these can simply wind up a mess.

Instead, it is preferable to have a baseline email marketing campaign that is basic enough to be sent out to all clients (major events and announcements) and then specifically tailored ones for different groups. For example, new subscribers and old standbys should each get different emails targeted to their length and degree of engagement.

Keep Emails Phone-Friendly

We live in a mobile age. The first contact that clients may have with an email is on their phone. As such, it is important that they be tailored to phone screens and formats. For example, it is essential that care be taken so as to ensure that pictures or graphics are kept phone-friendly so they are not distorted.

In addition, details such as vital data and calls to action should be big and bold. While they shouldn’t be obnoxious or obtrusive, they should always be eminently clear.

These factors can help ensure that email lists are kept relevant and efficient for marketing campaigns today and tomorrow in a mobile and email-centric world.