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Job Search

Finding a job is never an easy task, and that is partly due to how the job search is always changing. The jury is out on whether job searching is about to get easier or harder in the future, but you still need to be aware of how job searches work now and how they will be different in the future if you hope to ever find employment.

First of all, artificial intelligence will become more prevalent. While AI will never fully replace human workers or recruiters, you can expect to interact with more chatbots and automated phone menus more often when you contact prospective employers. Employers are using machine learning to screen applicants more than they did in the past, so you can also expect to gear your resume to fit within an algorithm as well as impress employers.

Second of all, social media and online branding will continue to be important. This goes beyond being careful about what you put on your Facebook page; job seekers may find that they need to create a professional online identity if they hope to be hired. Employers will Google your name when you apply for work, so make sure they will like what they see.

Finally, job seekers are treating their job search like they treat online shopping. Almost all businesses have an online presence these days, and wise job seekers are looking them up and learning all they can before they apply. This includes reading online reviews on sites such as Glassdoor to learn more about what it’s like to work for particular companies. Just as online shoppers do their research on a product before buying it on Amazon, job seekers do the same kind of research on employers before they apply for positions they want. That is no doubt for the best, since learning a little about the ins and outs of a company will give you a leg up when you’re called in for an interview. After all, that’s what really matters in the end.