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LinkedIn is an important resource that professionals should be using. As great as LinkedIn can be, there are still issues with using LinkedIn that could be holding you back. You might be making certain mistakes that could be keeping you from finding the right success. Take a look at the information below so that you can learn how to fix the mistakes that you have been making.

Sending Requests Without Providing Context

You can’t just send out a request with no information if you want to get results on LinkedIn. Many companies will look at the request and think that it is unprofessional. Why would they be interested in connecting with you if you don’t really have any reason for sending the request? A little bit of information is required or else things are not likely going to work out how you had hoped.

Sending Requests That Are Overly Wordy

People often send out requests that give out too much information as well. If you send a business a request on LinkedIn, then you’re going to want to give them some info about what you have to offer. Sending out a ton of information will be overload and some business owners might wind up finding your request to be off-putting. It’s often better to go with a more concise message that gives out just enough information while being friendly and professional.

Trying to Sell Yourself Rather Than Engaging

Another common mistake that people make is trying to sell themselves rather than simply engaging. Business owners likely aren’t looking to hear your best pitch. Instead, it might be a good idea to simply try to engage them in a professional fashion. You could even try to build relationships with people outside of LinkedIn through Twitter or other means.

Not Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

You might not be optimizing your LinkedIn profile either. If you haven’t changed your headline to include keywords that are relevant to your industry, then you need to rectify that mistake. Having your LinkedIn optimized properly will make it easier to grow your following. It’ll help you to place higher in search results and more people will be able to see your profile when they’re searching for relevant terms.