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There is much discussion and debate as to whether entrepreneurialism is a trait you are simply born with or whether it can be learned. Regardless of whether it is an inborn trait or a learned one, however, there is no doubt all skills must be cultivated in order for them to result in success. Successful entrepreneurs actually have a number of traits in common that may be more learned than inherited. Here are 3 common traits of successful entrepreneurs.

1. They Don’t Believe in Failure

It took Thomas Edison roughly 1,000 different tries to create a working light bulb. Another way of looking at that would be to say that he failed roughly 900 times. When asked about it, he said it was merely a process that took 1,000 steps. Where others may see failure, entrepreneurs see learning opportunities to build and capitalize upon.

2. They Get Personally Invested

You can’t get other people to believe in something you don’t believe in it yourself. If you want others to invest in your business or idea, you have to first make a significant investment in it yourself. What’s more, you have to keep investing in it. In a study by Kabbage, nearly half of all entrepreneurs (47%) say they’ve used their personal savings to finance their business at one point or another.

3. They Don’t accept Every Offer That Comes Their Way

Not all partners are good partners and not every offer that comes your way is going to be good for business, no matter how attractive it may seem at first. Successful entrepreneurs know how to take a step back, curb their excitement and do a careful analysis of both the benefits and risks of every offer that is made. They know that if something seems to be too good to be true, it probably is and they are smart and savvy enough to look very, very carefully before they leap.