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Dermot Coll

Business Professional

Dermot Coll is a business professional with extensive leadership experience. Dermot is also a Military Veteran and has spent the majority of his academic and professional career with the United States Air Force. He has over 20 years of professional experience that has led him to become an expert in numerous areas including business development, sales and marketing, strategic communication, operations, contract negotiation, and personnel development.

Early Career

The start of his professional career began at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. There, Dermot Coll received a Bachelor of Science in General Studies. After completing this degree, Dermot began working at the Air Force Academy. He was an Intercollegiate Program Manager where he was responsible for organizing training and development programs for 20 camps of over 3,000 students. Dermot was also responsible for providing oversight to two NCAA Division I athletic programs. He aided in the supervision of coaching, scheduling, training, recruiting, budgeting, personnel management, and team management operations.

Dermot Coll soon took on another role as the Joint Program Manager where he supervised the use, implementation, and operation of electronic tracking systems. In 1998, Dermot became the Assistant Athletic Director/Coach/Instructor at the Air Force Academy. He supervised the student and staff operations for the Division I programs. Dermot produced program guidelines that increased organization and student success.  He created and managed daily and long-term goals for 250 employees that would assist over 900 student-athletes.

Leadership Roles in Athletics

In 2002, Dermot Coll began working with the Air Force Academy Athletic Corporation as an Associate Athletic Director. His primary responsibilities included the coordination and leadership of a 30-member team in sales, marketing, business development, community relations, fundraising, and sports administration. Dermot was also involved in the corporate sponsorship sales, strategic communication and collegiate licensing of the team.

In 2012, Dermot Coll was promoted to Senior Associate Athletic Director/Chief Executive. He was responsible for providing his expertise for multiple facets of an NCAA Division I athletic program. The role allowed him to provide leadership to 230 employees, 900 student-athletes, and 27 teams on marketing, fundraising, business development, recruiting, and retail sales. Dermot was able to reduce costs by $1.1 million and develop and executed a plan that increased revenue by 20%. During his time in this role, Dermot decided to further his education and completed a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership & Change Management from Colorado State University.

Business Success

After spending three years in the Senior Associate role, Dermot Coll began working in the business world through his position as Senior Partner at DCA Consulting & Communications. He moved to Fresno, California for the role and became wholly dedicated in this new career venture. Dermot produced specialized full-service consulting for his areas of expertise including leadership, management, sales, business development, and strategic communications. The goal of these consultations was to help clients achieve maximum business potential.

In order to diversify his areas of expertise, Dermot Coll moved to his current role as the Regional Agricultural Sales Manager at Quinn Company. Throughout his career, Dermot has shown his ability to improve sales and revenue, and now he has used this knowledge to branch into the agricultural industry. Since 2017, Dermot has been leading a diverse team of sales professionals to assist in the success of customers through sharing his expertise on sales.

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